Defining the vulnerable patient with myeloma-a frailty position paper of the European Myeloma Network.


As the treatment landscape continues to evolve towards the application of precision medicine in multiple myeloma (MM), there is a clear need to identify those patients who are at risk of not achieving the maximum benefit whilst exposed to the highest level of toxicity. This group of patients, defined as frail, is an unmet clinical need. However, how we define such a vulnerable group of patients with MM remains to be clarified. An integral aspect of this is to define the physiological age and capacity of patients with MM to deal with the burden of their disease and it’s treatment. Such assessments may include not only functional and clinical assessments but also laboratory-based biomarkers of frailty, aging and senescent cellular burden. A need to develop, test and validate clinical screening scores before their adoption into clinical practice is mandated. This position paper from the European Myeloma Network aims to review what is known about defining frailty in MM, and how we can advance this knowledge for the design of clinical trials and ultimately how we deliver treatment in the clinic.