Sexual expression in patients with multiple myeloma

The University of Calgary and Tom Baker Cancer Centre are conducting a study on sexual expression in patients with multiple myeloma. Sexuality is an important component of quality of life, yet there is a paucity of sexuality research in this specific population. Given the abundance of research supporting that sexual concerns are highly prevalent in cancer survivors, it follows that this could also be true for patients with multiple myeloma specifically. Eligibility criteria include: a multiple myeloma diagnosis, good comprehensive of English writing, and the participant can be at any point in their treatment trajectory. The survey focuses on aspects of sexual functioning, sexual distress, sexual satisfaction, sexual communication, and body image. Participants who complete the survey will be entered into a draw for a $20 Visa gift card (chances of winning are 1 in 20). The Research Ethics Board of Alberta – Cancer Committee has approved this study (Study ID: REB: 19-0346).

This is a one-time online survey that you can simply access using the URL link: