Daratumumab combined with Bortezomib, Cyclophosphamide and Dexamethasone for Treatment of Myeloma Patients Presenting with Extramedullary Disease. The Antares Study

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Patient eligibility criteria

  1. Newly Diagnosed or 1st relapse MM patients with EMN (paraskeletal plasmacytomas ONLY are not eligible)
  2. ECOG PS ≤ 2. Note: for subjects with CNS involvement, an ECOG PS > 2 is also acceptable
  3. Measurable Disease (Serum. urine or sFLC MM)
  4. Non refractory to bortezomib based regimens
  5. No prior treatment with anti-CD38 or anti-CS1 MoAB
  6. Adequate Bone Marrow function (minimum laboratory requirements)
  7. No ASCT within 12 weeks of C1D1
  8. No prior allo-SCT (regardless of timing)


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